State of the Art Technology

EasyScan Retinal Imaging
Dr. Squillace is the first optometrist in the U.S. to acquire the EasyScan retinal imaging system. This
state-of-the-art device provides high-resolution images of the retina without the need for dilating
drops that often cause blurry vision and light sensitivity.
The EasyScan also allows for early detection of eye diseases not typically found by a dilated fundus exam.
Most patients prefer the EasyScan over the traditional fundus camera for their retinal exams. They save
time because there's no waiting for pupils to dilate, and they can resume all their normal activities
after their eye exams because their vision is unaffected.

While Dr. Squillace favors the EasyScan for routine eye exams, his protocol is to dilate on the first visit.
"I want to make sure I'm seeing the entire retina on the initial evaluation," he explained.

Insurance companies do not pay for screening by an EasyScan exam but Somers Vision Clinic offers this
service reasonably at $28.


State of the Art Technology Corneal Topography is here at SomersVision

Atlas Corneal Topography
The ATLAS Model 900 Corneal Topography System is a state-of-the-art device that measures and evaluates corneas
for contact lens fitting and pathology detection and treatment. It offers a high degree of clinical accuracy
to provide the best possible outcome for whatever visual correction is needed.

PathFinder II Corneal Analysis Software analyzes the cornea for refractive surgery screening. This helps Dr. Squillace
determine whether refractive surgery is a viable option for correcting his patients' vision. If refractive surgery
is advisable, his analysis using this software provides a valuable guide for the surgeon performing the procedure.

MasterFit II Contact Lens Software helps streamline fitting gas permeable or soft toric lenses for hard-to-fit patients.
It automatically designs the optimum lens for each eye by customizing fitting options. It improves trial lens fitting
by adjusting lens parameters for optimum fit.
Bottom line: This software enables Dr. Squillace to customize the best possible fit for complex contact lens prescriptions.

Sonogage Corneo-Gage Plus Pachometer
This ultrasonic device provides highly accurate measurements of corneal thickness, which is very important in two
different scenarios. The pachometer differentiates between elevated eye pressure caused by glaucoma versus
pressure that's caused by greater-than-normal corneal thickness. This device also helps Dr. Squillace evaluate
whether a patient's corneas are thick enough to safely undergo refractive surgery. (e.g., Lasik Surgery)

Oculus Easy Field
This instrument analyzes the visual pathways between the eye and the brain. It detects small areas of missing vision,
which may early warning signs of glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, stroke, pituitary tumors and many other conditions.
Losses in visual fields are often subtle and unnoticed by patients in the early stages. Dr. Squillace often uses
this instrument when an eye exam does not reveal a physical reason for loss of vision or when correctly prescribed
lenses do not achieve 20/20 correction. This instrument also reveals changes in the visual field between
examinations that indicate whether patients' vision is stabilizing or worsening, which helps Dr. Squillace advise
patients on managing their conditions.

The Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT)
HRT II is a confocal scanning laser opthalmoscope. The device scans the retina in parallel images and increasing depths much like a CAT scan-then combines them to create a 3-D image of the optic nerve. The HRT II is very helpful
in differentiating between normal eyes and eyes that are developing glaucoma, even before visual field defects are
present. This early detection is critically important, since vision loss from glaucoma is permanent, and early treatment
of this disease can help prevent loss of vision. This device also compares data between exams, determining whether there are changes in the nerve fiber layer.

Glaucoma tests include IOP, Visual Field, HRT(optic nerve scan), pachymetry, gonioscopy & E-prescribe.

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