Somers Vision Clinic offers a wide variety of products for both eyeglass and contact lens wearers.
Our beautiful Eye Designs dispensary features more than 550 frames for men, women and children, provided by about 20 manufacturers and distributors.

  • We offer 50% discount on frames (excludes sunglasses and Rec Specs) to private pay patients.
  • If you purchase a complete pair of glasses, then we offer the second pair of lenses at 50% off(30% for VSP or Eyemed)
  • You may also take advantage of our "buy one get one free" offer for *clear single-vision lenses.
  • (*Non-bifocal. Transitions and polarized lenses not included.)

  • Somers Vision Clinic utilizes two high-quality optical labs in Connecticut to provide the best value for our patients -- Precision Optical Company (a Varilux lab) in East Hartford and Encore Optics (a Nikon lab) in South Windsor.

    Somers Vision Clinic offers the following types of contact lenses:
  • Soft - daily, two-weeks, monthly
  • Spherical or aspheric for monovision
  • Toric for astigmatism
  • Multifocal for bifocal lens wearers
  • Color and cosmetic tint
  • Rigid gas permeable (hard contacts)
  • Custom, including keratoconic lenses

    Somers Vision Clinic typically beats 1-800-Contacts pricing on annual supply of contacts with manufacturer rebates!

    Sunwear from a select companies like Bolle',Serengeti, Elizabeth Arden plus Polarized Clip-ons!

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